Celebrating Social Housing in France

National Social Housing Week is an annual celebration that brings together residents, decision-makers, and media outlets to promote the role of social housing within French society. This year, the 5th annual National Social Housing Week will celebrate environmental and energy conservation. From Saturday June 24th to Sunday July 2nd, over 300 events will help animate this discussion.

The primary goal of National Social Housing Week is to promote the role of social housing in French Society. Organized yearly by the Social Housing Union (the organization that represents the social housing sector in France), this event has served to illustrate the sector’s dedication to its inhabitants and to society as a whole since 2013.

This year, the 5th annual National Social Housing Week hopes to raise awareness about the environmental and energy-related issues affecting us all.

Environmental and energy conservation on the agenda

In France, the social housing sector is at the forefront of sustainable housing development, not only in terms of property and construction, but also through the implication of its inhabitants. From June 24th to July 2nd, National Social Housing Week will highlight some of the sector’s most exemplary projects to celebrate this dedication. With a multitude of animations and convivial activities, this event will also serve to garner cooperation and cohesion among citizens. 

The festivities will include:

  • Citizen awareness: model apartments/houses that promote energy-saving, environmentally-conscience behaviors, gardening, etc.  
  • Participation: community gardens, recycling and repair workshops, etc.
  • Innovative projects: Eco-districts, Positive Energy Buildings, renovation works and energy refurbishment programs, alternative solutions, etc.
  • Moments to share together: football tournaments, drawing contests, festive celebrations, etc.

Hlm sur cour(t): the short-film contest presenting social housing in a new light

Each year, the Social Housing Union sponsors a short-film contest during National Social Housing Week. This competition, Hlm sur cour(t), incites filmmakers to create original narratives that come to life in a social housing setting, and that confront and question common clichés and misconceptions about social housing. Over the last five years, Hlm sur cour(t) has served as a jumping-off point for many young talents. Take Maïmouna Doucouré, for instance, who made her directorial début with Hlm sur cour(t) in 2013 and who, just this year, received the César Award for Best Short Film for her project Maman(s). Hlm sur cour(t) also recently took center stage during the 1st annual International Social Housing Festival in Amsterdam. (For more info, see “Hlm sur cour(t) goes international!”)